Filmmore @ film festival Cannes 2017

Filmmore will be attending the international film festival in Cannes from the 18th till the 23rd of May. Read more

Filmmore Belgium is expanding

We are very proud to announce that Filmmore Belgium is going to be opening a branch in Brussels in addition to its branch in Flanders! Read more

Meet The Colorist - Martin Klein

Martin Klein is a Colourist of Filmmore. He is a skilled artist who loves his work as well as photography, and keeps bees when he’s not in his colour room. Filmmore operates in Amsterdam and Brussels. Read more

Project Orpheus. Title sequence design from start to finish.

Project Orpheus is a new tv-series from the AVROTROS, produced by NL Film.
The series tells the story of 5 medical students who are under supervision of a genius professor. The students discover that the professor runs a secret medical experiment at the institute. Read more

Filmmore Brussels involved in ten Screen Flanders productions

It looks like Screen Flanders is paying off nicely for the region. Filmmore is proud to be involved in no less than ten productions which are made possible by Screen Flanders. Read more

A SHINING FLAW & DUST CLOTH win at HFM Co-Production Platform

This weekend the Netherlands Film Festival announced the winning projects of the Holland Film Meeting Co-Production Platform. The Cam-a-lot & Filmmore Cinema Emerging Talent Prize goes to A SHINING FLAW, written by Arthur Japin, to be directed by Erwin Olaf, and produced by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama. The Filmmore HFM Work-in-Progress Prize goes to DUST CLOTH written and directed by Ahu Öztürk, produced by Çigdem Mater and Nesra Gürbüz at Ret Film, Turkey. Read more

Grading the film Son of Mine (Gluckauf): BEHIND THE SCENES

This summer, Dutch feature film Son of Mine (Gluckauf) was graded at Filmmore Amsterdam. We spoke to colourist Fernando Rodrigues and DoP Mark van Aller about their work or this film. Fernando: “This project truly felt like a playground for me. I was given the chance to really stretch the envelope and see how far I could go. That requires courage, not only from the director, but also from the producer, and close cooperation between the DoP and the grader is essential.” Read more


In 2014, the Holland Film Meeting celebrates its 27th edition with a four-day programme including the HFM Co-Production Platform (formerly the Netherlands Production Platform). During the HFM, two juries will select the winners of The Filmmore HFM Work-in-Progress Prize and the HFM Co-Production Platform Cam-a-lot & Filmmore Cinema Emerging Talent Prize for Best Project. We spoke to Bero Beyer, producer at Augustus Films, who received the Filmmore Work-in-Progress Prize in 2013 for the film Atlantic., which just had its world première at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Read more


On Tuesday, 30 September, the Netherlands Film Festival is organising the first ever Dutch Visual Effects Day. Finally, a chance to take a good look at what’s been created this year, to meet other visual effects-minded people and get up to speed on the state of visual effects in the Netherlands. To top it all off, the special guest will be animation supervisor and Academy Award winner Erik Jan de Boer (Life of Pi). In addition, the VNAP VFX awards for Best Visual Effects in Dutch films will be awarded for the second time. Read more

Netherlands Film Festival 2014 coming up!

Filmmore is proud to have worked on 23 projects in the Golden Calf competition! Read more

Film Festival Oostende announced ENSORS nominees

Filmmore is proud to have worked on the grading and visual effects for “I’m The Same I’m Another”, “Flying Home”, “Los Flamencos” and “Drift”. Read more

Bloedhond: A golden combination between editor & director

In their second year at the Film Academy in Amsterdam, editor Imre Reutelingsperger (now working at Filmmore Amsterdam) and director Mees Peijnenburg were matched for their annual project. It turned out to be a golden combination. Read more

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