08 September 2020

‘Quo Vadis Aida?’ premieres in Venice

'Quo Vadis Aida?' premieres in Venice

As a candidate for a Golden Lion, ‘Quo Vadis, Aida?’ premiered in this years edition of the prestige film festival of Venice. Filmmore was responsible for the Visual Effects of this picture by Jasmila Žbanic.

To achieve the historical accuracy and photorealism desired, Visual Effects Supervisor Stefan Beekhuijzen drew from extensive reference materials from the time period in guiding the feature’s visual effects and had visual effects shots filmed practically to capture the real-world lighting. Filmmore was charged with creating all the visual effects shots in this post-war period of the Bosnian War. Handling crowd duplication shots by creating 25,000 people, building full CG environments, 3D photorealistic tanks and crafting post-war matte paintings.

The Volkskrant (Dutch only) wrote an article about this new feature film and the premiere in Venice.


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