The Pool (De Poel)


Grading: Wouter Suyderhoud
Visual Effects: Filmmore / Remco Mastwijk
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans

Producer: House of Netherhorror (Jan Doense, Herman Slagter)
Director: Chris W. Mitchell
Editor: Manuel Dias da Silva
Screenplay: Chris W. Mitchell, Gijs Scholten van Aschat

Two recently sacked bankers drag their families into the wilderness for a camping holiday. They end up stranded at a pool in the forest where the ancient supernatural creature Jenny Green Teeth is slumbering. She sees a potential soulmate in the adolescent Jan, but has to test him first.

As the families’ veneer of civilization peels away under Jenny’s cruel torments, Jan finds himself torn between beautiful Emily, with whom he is hopelessly in love, and wild and powerful Jenny down in her cold underwater nest.

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