Ana Ana


Grading: @ Filmmore Amsterdam, Martin Klein

Directed, written and produced by: Petr Lom and Corinne van Egeraat

Ana Ana is a cinematic poem about four young creative Egyptian women. Most of the material is filmed by the characters themselves, who worked with the film’s directors in a process of collaboration and mentorship over a course of two years.

The four main characters find creative ways to express what is hidden within their hearts: speaking of their dreams and desires in an extraordinarily open and intimate way, and using metaphors, and cinematic storytelling to transform the every-day struggles of their lives into the sublime. Set in the overwhelming chaos of Cairo, the film also oscillates back and forth between an empty and abstract desert, which might be real or unreal.

The shifting landscapes are like the balance our characters try to find between the freedom of their inner worlds, and the noise of the often threatening outside world: stillness versus chaos, dream versus reality.
Their intertwined four voices tell a story about the universal desire for creativity and freedom of every young person today. Set in an Egypt where the dreams of the revolution have begun to unravel, and where women’s rights are tremendously vulnerable. Music is by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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