Lucia de B.


Editor: Marcel Wijninga

Producer: Reinier Selen, Rinkel Film BV
Director: Paula van der Oest
Screenplay: Moniek Kramer, Tijs van Marle

Ambitious DA assistant Judith has put serial killing nurse Lucia de B. behind bars. Lucia is alleged to have killed helpless babies and terminally ill elderlies. When the case attracted the media’s attention, Lucia is quickly dubbed “Angel Of Death”. The former nurse is sentenced to life in prison.

Not long after the trial though, while still basking in her victory, new evidence comes to light that Judith simply cannot ignore. This evidence is so strong that if presented at the trial, Lucia couldn’t possibly have been convicted. Judith tries to build a new case in order to overturn Lucia’s conviction, but Judith can’t seem to turn back the wheels of justice…

This drama is based on the true story of Lucia de Berk, who was wrongly imprisoned for six years.

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