Confetti Harvest (Dorsvloer vol Confetti)


Grading: Martin Klein
Visual Effects: Hans van Helden
VFX Supervisor: Bruno Sommier

Producer: Column Film
Director: Tallulah Hazekam Schwab,
DoP: Menno Westendorp
Editor: Michiel Reigwein
Co-producer: Mollywood
Screenplay: Chris Westendorp

Set in the eighties, young Catherine (12) grows up in a strict protestant farming family in the province of Zeeland. As the only girl among six brothers, she is hardly involved in the work and even left out the day-to-day conversations at the dining table.

She lets her fantasy run by Bible stories, gossip and even fairy tales, though they are not allowed as they keep her away from the Truth. For her, reading and learning are the only way to leave the farm and transcend every day life.

Finally, during her brothers wedding, she literally overwhelms her family with literature, saying goodbye to her childhood, to become who she wants to be. Based on the bestseller debut of Franca Treur.

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