TV Drama

Grading: Wouter Suyderhoud

Producer: Baldr Film
Director: Rogier Hesp
DoP: Marc de Meijer
Editor: Godelinde Pollmann
Screenplay: Thijs de Boer

After their mother’s funeral, two brothers stick around in her native village where Vincent (21) adopts the lifestyle of drug use and nihilistic behavior of his older brother Sjoerd (26). How great is the love between the brothers, for their deceased mother and for life itself?

Two brothers, Vincent (21) and Sjoerd (26), travel to Belgium to bury their deceased mother in her native village. After the funeral they decide to stay in the village and have a vacation together. They rent a mobile home at the edge of a forest and indulge in a lot of alcohol. Then Sjoerd loses all their money and the car at a card game in the village. Vincent is furious and wants to go home, but Sjoerd refuses and persuades his brother to stay as well. Sjoerd finds work as a test subject in a medical test centre to make some money again.

From a co-worker at the test centre, Vincent buys drugs from the hospital supply. The brothers use the purchase together and for a while the drugs remove the obstacles between them. But Sjoerd drifts away further and further because of his drug use and his work as a test subject. Vincent accepts more from Sjoerd than he can handle: he doesn’t want to put the relationship with his brother at stake.

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