Night of a 1000 Hours


VFX Supervisors: Rick Sander & Hans van Helden, NVX
CG Production Designer: Kasper Oerlemans, NVX
On Set Colorist: Fernando Rodriques

Producer: Amour Fou
Director: Virgil Widrich
Cinematography: Christian Berger

As the members of the Ullich family gather at their palace in Vienna, their deceased ancestors suddenly appear and usher in a series of unforeseen events. Not only does the past unexpectedly become the present, criminal machinations are also revealed to be at work in a world in which ethics have been discarded and profit seems to be the main goal.

On this journey through different eras, the young entrepreneur Philip Ullich and his newly alive great-aunt Renate fall for each other. While Philip battles his cousin for control of the family business, the ancestors reveal the true origins of the Ullich fortune. In this struggle it all comes down to who can be trusted in this web of lies, secrets and love affairs. It’s a world where even death doesn’t mean the end.

Filmmore created more then 25 photorealistic CG rooms in three different style periods to be used as stereoscopic rear projection images on-set.

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