Grading: Wouter Suyderhoud
VFX Producer: Hans van Helden, NVX
VFX Supervisor: Bruno Sommier

Producer: Wrong Men / Benoit Roland
Director: Antoine Cuypers
DoP: Frederic Noirhomme
Editor: Elif Uluengin
Co-producer: CTM Pictures

At a family dinner, Cédric, early thirties and still living with his parents, learns that his sister is expecting a baby. While the news brings excited reactions from everyone else, it gives Cédric a feeling of resentment that gradually turns into fury. He tries to make the others accept that he has always been a victim of their prejudices. Caught between paranoia and pretence, a family does all it can to preserve its apparent harmony.

Our main contribution was on an emotional scene with main actor playing bilboquet. The actor needed to naturally succeed playing while talking. To achieve this goal, Filmmore add a CG ball with rope, tracked on top of the stick of the bilboquet. We also worked on some retouches, adding flames in a fireplace…

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