TV Drama

Editing: Boelie Vis
Grading: Martin Klein

Producers: Job Gosschalk, Frans van Gestel, Idse Grotenhuis, Arnold Heslenfeld & Karin de Groot
Writers: Job Gosschalk, Haye van der Heyden
Director: Anne van der Linden, Pieter van Rijn & Frank Krom
DoP: Joost Rietdijk

The Dutch family de Winter keeps enjoying an affluent life style after the death of the family flowers firm founder, as his daughter Esthers’s ex Anton remains the most competent CEO. The offspring expects the money and privileges to keep coming, enabling a luxurious family -, party – and love life.

But soon it becomes clear their patriarch built the floral empire on money ‘borrowed’ from Nazi era Jewish dead people and also had illegal descendants. Heirs are drawn from in-fights and other petty problems to battles over how to handle the potential PR disaster and who should run the firm.

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