Grading: Fernando Rodrigues
VFX Producer: Hans van Helden, NVX
VFX Supervisors: Bas van Bergen & Daniëlle van Balen Blanken – Kempen, NVX
VFX Coordinator: Stefan Beekhuijzen
Title Design: Jesse Hovestreijdt

Producer: NL Film
Director: Paula van der Oest
DoP: Guido van Gennep
Editor: Sander Vos

On 23 May 2010, 21-year-old Tonio van der Heijden (played by Chris Peters) was hit by a car and taken in a critical condition to hospital, where he died. A tragic event that drastically changed the lives of his parents (played by Pierre Bokma and Rifka Lodeizen), who watched their only son pass away in intensive care.

Reminded of his life by everything around and inside them, Tonio’s life left a legacy of phantom pain for his parents who mourn, and struggle to prevent their own lives from being dragged into a downward spiral of sorrow.

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