Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Wouter Suyderhoud

VFX created @Filmmore Amsterdam
VFX Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans

Producer: Flinck Film
Director: Froukje Tan
DoP: Harm Griekspoor
Editor: Albert Markus
Source: Alexa

SWCHWRM, my adventures is a new Dutch family film about a 9-year-old boy, who wants to become a writer of books so amazing, it would end wars and cure sick people. He only has one problem; he has trouble finding this great opening sentence. He already has a pseudonym: Swchwrm, V. Swchwrm, which can be pronounced as a breeze, a starting engine or whatever your imagination comes up with. Because that’s what the film is all about: how imagination can create a better world.

Through the eyes of V. Swchwrm we watch the world and stories he invents and simultaneously experiences; about being almighty for one second, a teacher doubting everything, a girl with an eighth sense, his father winning a camel, a queen wanting him to write a story which will make her cry and also about the saddest day of his life.

Then, towards the end, he realises the first sentence he was looking for, was always there… at the beginning!
Swchwrm, my adventures is a philosophical children’s movie, an ode to fantasy, which will make you think about the bigger issues in life in a refreshing way.

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