Grading: Rachel Stone
VFX: Stefan Beekhuijzen, Danielle Kempen, Matthijs Slijkhuis, Berenice Diman

Producer: Venfilm
Director: Robert Jan Westdijk
DoP: Alex Wuijts

WATERBOYS is a warm and amusing story of an estranged father and son who grow closer during a road trip from Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Partly influenced by the women they meet on the way and by the music and a concert of the renowned band The Waterboys. A story about fathers who need some growing up to do, and sons who should take life a lot less seriously.

Crime novelist Victor and his twenty-year-old cello playing son Zack both have become single. During a trip to Scotland they are forced to confront themselves and finally get to know each other. A funny and touching film about fathers who have to grow up and sons who should take life a little more easy.

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