Everybody Happy


Grading: Martin Klein
Visual Effects Coordinator: Stefan Beekhuijzen
Visual Effects Supervisor: Bas van Bergen

Producer: Entre Chien Et Loup, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Director: Nic Balthazar
*DoP:*Robrecht Heyvaert
Editing: Philippe Ravoet

Everybody Happy is a parable about how we can all end up on the edge of a precipice, but also about how we can step away from it. A film that won’t save the world. But it may save you…

Ralph Hartman is a successful stand-up comedian who is struggling – with life, but mainly with himself. In fact, he is being followed by the man in his head, who rarely stops talking.

Meanwhile, Hartman has to keep going in the merciless environment of stand-up comedy, during an exhausting tour with annoying colleagues and great expectations while his negative voice constantly wades in. Fortunately Laura Maris is there, too, and she seems to recognise his problem.

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