The Best of Dorien B.


VFX Supervisor: Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX
VFX Artists: Matthijs Slijkhuis, Maarten van der Veen
Colorist: Wouter Suyderhoud

Producer: A Private View, Viking Film
Director: Anke Blondé
DoP: Frank van den Eeden

Dorien (37) has everything to make her happy: a successful husband, two adorable children and a veterinary practice full of small pets. But when she discovers a year-long affair among her parents and her husband turns out to be very close with a colleague, she begins to doubt. A phone call bearing bad news is the last straw. She feels lost, alone. Dorien evaluates her life: is this it? The Best of Dorien B. is a dramatic comedy about a woman who among all the craziness rediscovers herself

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