Silent City


Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Wouter Suyderhoud

VFX created @Filmmore Amsterdam
VFX Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans

Producer: KeyFilm
Director: Threes Anna
DoP: David Williamson
Editor: Wouter Jansen
Source: Alexa

Feature film Silent City by Threes Anna has premiered at the International Film Festival San Sebastian September 2012 and sold to over 15 countries worldwide. Silent City is the second feature film by director and script writer Threes Anna, and produced by KeyFilm in co-production with Samsa Film (Luxembourg) and Skyline Entertainment (Belgium). Filmmore handled post production and visual effect.

Rosa arrives in Tokyo to learn the art of filleting fish from the famous Master Kon, Japan´s best fish chef. Because of the difficulty communicating Rosa grows more and more lonely behind the heaps of glistening fish on the working table – waiting to be cleaned. Broke and desperate, Rosa starts work in a night club, entertaining Japanese business men. After a horrible night when one of the guests assaults her, she ends up at the fishing pond of the restaurant, learns to understand the fish and is finally accepted by Master Kon.

Silent City is the second feature film by director, playwright, and script writer Threes Anna. Making her film debut in the starring role of Rosa is Laurence Roothooft. The international cast is round off by: Makoto Makita (Master Kon), Shinji Otani (Suzuki), Ayako Kobayashi (Aki), Yukari Uekawa (Nina), Gen Shimaoka (Mr. Katsuragi) en Hubert Fermin (diplomat).

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