April, May and June


Bart Verraest

Visual Effects Supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX, Daan Spruijt, Jesse Hovestreijdt

Visual Effects Artists:
Matthijs Slijkhuis, Maarten van der Veen, Alrik Wiggers, Daan Spruijt, Mark van Kuik, Joep de Koning, Mark van Kuik, Praba Anandasundaram

Digital Make Up Artist:
Judy Steenman

Talpa Fiction

Will Koopman

Director of Photography:
Melle van Essen

When the seriously ill mother of April, May and June realizes that she doesen’t have much longer to live, she calls upon her daughters to come home. She can only leave this life with confidence if she knows that her son Jan will be care for. But confronted with the question, it soon becomes apparant that all three consider themselves unsuitable.

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