Fernando Rodrigues

Additional Colorist:
Erik Demeris

Accento Films, BosBros

Samsa Film (LU), Black Camel Pictures (UK)

Elbert van Strien

Director of Photography:
Guido van Gennep

After the tragic death of her husband, the American child psychiatrist Marianne Winter moves to Scotland. One of her new patients is ten-year-old Manny, a closed and secretive boy who draws pictures of traumatic events and claims he can guide her future. Soon, Manny’s drawings begin to reflect disturbing details about Marianne’s future. Manny plays “mind games” with his psychiatrist and suggests that there is a gun in Mariannes drawer, but “only if you look”. When Marianne looks, the actual fact lies … Can Manny indeed check reality? Can he influence the future or does he only see the future? When Marianne discovers that her predecessor Dr McVittie (Peter Mullan) had developed a morbid obsession with Manny, Marianne slowly but surely loses her grip on the reality that will derail her life.

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