Lilet never happened


Editing: Sándor Soeteman
Grading: Martin Klein
Visual Effects: Filmmore / Hans van Helden
VFX Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans

Producer: 24fps Features
Director: Jacco Groen
DoP: Jan Dellaert

Lilet Never Happened is a film by director Jacco Groen and tells the real story of a 12-year-old Philippine girl who was forced into prostitution. Filmmore is now finalising the film grading, which is already awarded with the Best Scenario Drama award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Almost unique these days: the feature was shot on 35mm film.

Latest news: sales agent Media Luna is screening Lilet at the Cannes Film Market.
Lilet Never Happened is inspired by a child prostitute whom Dutch film maker Jacco Groen interviewed 12 years ago in the Philippine Mental Hospital while filming a documentary.

Groen, who has spent many years filming documentaries in the Philippines, hopes to make a political statement on a social problem that victimizes children not only in the Philippines but in most third world countries. The main roles are played by Sandy Talag (Lilet) and Johanna ter Steege (Claire) and a fantastic cast of a number of known Philippine actors like John Arcilla. The film is fully shot in the Philippines.

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