Mocro Maffia Season 5

TV Drama

Yamal Stitou, NCE
Fatih Tura

Erik Demeris

VFX supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX

VFX producer:
Firoza Rahim

Lead compositor:
Berenice Diman

Digital compositors:
Agustin Christello
Alrik Wiggers
Matthijs Slijkhuis
Raoul Ventel

Fiction Valley

Victor D. Ponten
Hesdy Lonwijk

Directors of Photography:
Michael Brooke
Lex Brand

From June 2 weekly on Videoland.

The balance of power has changed. Who’s still loyal?
From June 2nd on Videoland.

Filmmore served editing, visual effects, graphics, color grading and mastering for this Videoland Original series.

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