The Hivemind | A VP short film


Max Miklin, John Baak

Tom van Dessel

Virtual production producer:
Igor Riabchuk

Dutch Angle Production Services

John Baak

Director of Photography:
Robert M. Berger

Lead by our Head of Virtual Productions, Igor Riabchuk, our VP department takes shape more and more. Our first test case and project is the 48 Hours Film Project ‘The Hivemind. Started out on Friday evening, shot on Saturday with crew & cast of 25 using Vive Mars camera tracking and a 8K RED Raptor, edited overnight, grading, sound edit and music composition on Sunday, handed it in on Sunday evening.

Besides having great fun making it, we used it as a stress test for the VP process. Can you, with sufficient time ahead to build your 3D world, shoot on day one, post-produce the next and go into cinema on day 3? The answer is… mostly yes.

Filmmore created the virtual production world and the film was shot in association with Dutch Angle Production at Allard Studios. We served color grading, editing, motion graphics and mastering for this short film.

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