Cafe Derby


Grading: Olivier Ogneux
VFX Producer: Hans van Helden, NVX
VFX Supervisor: Bruno Sommier

Producer: Menuet
Director: Lenny van Wesemael
DoP: Ruben Impens
Editor: Thomas Pooters
Grading: Olivier Ogneux

1985. Georges is a born market vendor. As a driven salesman he sells anything, anytime, to anyone. When he hears that the Pope is coming to Belgium, he smells his chance.

In addition to the grounds, where tens of thousands of believers will attend an open-air mass, Cafe Derby is for rent. Georges is sure to earn a small fortune. But his wife and five children are not convinced. It would be another move in too short a time. But as George puts his mind to something… Café Derby tells the tragicomic story of a cheerful but slightly dysfunctional family, inspired by true events

Filmmore Brussels VFX was involve in 40 shots. Mainly doing retimes, cleaning and camera smoothing. One of our challenges was to clean some cars with sun flaring on top in track shots of 1200 frames.

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