Sidik and the Panther


Colorist: Martin Klein

Producer: Jos de Putter – Dieptescherpte
Director: Reber Dosky
DoP: Roy van Egmond

For 25 long years Sidik has been searching for a snow leopard in the war-scarred mountains of Kurdistan in northern Iraq. Once there were many leopards here. If they return, Sidik believes his people and his homeland will survive. If he can capture one of the magical creatures on film the region will be declared a national park. And the bombs will never fall again. Sidik still hasn’t found his leopard. But he refuses to give up hope. As he travels through the Kurdish mountains, he meets, animals, rivers, plants, and people. Their memories and stories mesh with his own – Acclaimed director Reber Dosky’s poetic film tells a story of hope, pride and the possibility of healing in a rarely-seen land of astonishing beauty.

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