Daylight (Daglicht)


Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Bart Verraest

Producer: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (Rolf Koot, Maarten Swart, Reinout Oerlemans, Ronald van Wechem, Hans de Weers), Inspire Pictures
Director: Diederik van Rooijen
DoP: Lennert Hillege (NSC)
Sceenplay: Philip Delmaar
Sound: Jan Schermer
Music: Bart Westerlaken
Editor: Moek de Groot (NCE), Stanley Kolk (NCE)

Iris must compromise between her role as a single mother and being an ambitious and ruthless lawyer in criminal affairs. When she and her son Aron are staying at her mom’s house, she uncovers a dark family secret.

Iris appears to have an older half-brother, who’s existence was always carefully concealed. She finds her brother Ray, who is autistic, in a hospital clinic, convicted of the gruesome murder of his neighbor and her daughter. Iris takes pity on Ray, also because she sees many similarities between him and her son Aron. She tries to exculpate her brother, but in her quest she discovers the secret truth…

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