Grading: Wouter Suyderhoud

Producer: Hans Jørgen Osnes, Sigve Endresen & Lemming Film
Director: Eskil Vogt
DoP: Thiminos Bakatakis
Editor: Jens Christian Fodstad
Co-producer: Motlys As (No)
Screenplay: Eskil Vogt

Ingrid (35) has recently gone blind and has isolated herself in the new flat where she lives with her husband. After a while Ingrid starts to feel the presence of her husband in the flat when he is supposed to be at work.

At the same time, her lonely neighbor starts to observe a woman across the street. Soon strange things start to happen and at the end the stories turn out to be parts of one universe; a fiction created by Ingrid while she sits alone in the solitude of her flat.

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