TV Drama

Grading: Martin Klein

Producer: NL Film
Director: Diederik van Rooijen & Shariff Korver
DoP: Willem Helwig
Editor: Moek de Groot & Stanley Kolk
Screenplay: Pieter Bart Korthuis
Co-writers: Franky Ribbens, Karin van der Meer, Maarten Leebens & Philip Delmaar

Organised crime is a man’s work. Only very occasionally does a woman manage to break through and head a crime syndicate. The main character in this series, Carmen van Walraven de Rue (Monic Hendrickx), is one such woman, but the role she acquires for herself is not the one she had in mind.

Raised as the daughter of an Amsterdam bar owner, an old-time criminal from back in the day when problems were solved using fists instead of bullets, she knows the crime world like the back of her hand, but she has a different future in mind for her children. When she finds out her husband is more embroiled in crime than she ever imagined, she tries to convince him to break away, but it is already too late. Just as her life seems to be starting to go well, her husband is shot dead in front of their youngest son. This marks the start of a new life for Carmen.

Penoza is currently in its 3th season and will have several international remakes: USA (Red Widow) by ABC, Russia by Channel 1 on air 2014 and Poland by Canal+.

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