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Puzzle along with Toren C

Monday 17 March the new season for popular series TOREN C will start. You can hardly start the week in a more disheartening way. Scriptwriters and actresses Margot Ros and Maike Meijer put themselves in the shoes of about forty different characters’ populating office tower Toren C. We speak with Filmmore editor Sandor Soeteman and director Albert Jan van Rees about editing this series. Together they have worked on four seasons TOREN C. …

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KORSO: Innovating Cinema

This month the Finnish feature film KORSO will see its world premiere. KORSO won the very first Filmmore Innovation Cinema Prize at the Netherland Production Platform in 2011. We spoke to producers Mark Lwoff and Misha Jaari from Bufo Ltd, about what happened with their film after winning the award. …

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Filmmore opens new office in Luxembourg

Filmmore continues to grow! We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our operations by opening a new office in Luxembourg. The new office is located in Studio Luxembourg, less than ten minutes from Luxembourg city and close to the airport. …

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An unexpected journey

World famous film editor Walter Murch, was in the midst of editing a film when I had the fabulous opportunity to join him on the Skywalker Ranch. So for me the first week of February 2014 turned out to be an unforgettable week, a dream come true.

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Chez Nous, a Mission Impossible?

Chez Nous is a story about friendship focussing on a group of friends who resort to a Mission Impossible-style diamond heist to save their favourite café from bankruptcy. This heist is set against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s famous canal parade. Of course, some pretty impossible stuff has to happen to make all of this possible – and this is where the VFX come in.

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Do you like it RAW?!

Remember shooting your feature on film stock? For most of us it’s a long time ago and some of us even forgot how 35 mm negative looks like. The digital age has taken over, cinema’s are projecting computer files and all we worry about are the hard drives that carry our precious content. Strange how things have changed in so little time.

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Los Flamencos

Three elderly brothers, all in their eighties, decided to go for their last grand slam and rob a small town bank. This will make their dream – retire in Mexico – come true. When they try to reach the bank through the building next to it, they stumble upon a funeral home. The trio is played by Peter Van den Eede, Herwig Ilegems and Mark Verstraete.

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TV Drama



A tragi comical series about searching adolescents and the derailed clumsy adults who are their parents. Sisters Mitzi and Eefje leave their parental home.

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The New Wildernis

The New Wilderness is a large wild life documentary, made in the tradition of the award-winning BBC nature productions. The film contains new and exclusive material about life in the Oostvaardersplassen.

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