Son of Mine

Lei, descendant of an unemployed coal miner, is an aimless man in his fifties, living a hand to mouth existence. A hustler and a thief, he’ll do anything to survive. The only person he cares about is his son, Jeffrey, a popular, ambitious young man, yet strongly
marked by his father’s anti social upbringing.

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After their mother’s funeral, two brothers stick around in her native village where Vincent (21) adopts the lifestyle of drug use and nihilistic behavior of his older brother Sjoerd (26). How great is the love between the brothers, for their deceased mother and for life itself?

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Sensei Redemption

After being released from prison, a man will have to fight his past to recover the love of his son.

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Colourist Fernando on grading the film Gluckauf

This summer, Dutch feature film Gluckauf was graded at Filmmore Amsterdam. We spoke to colourist Fernando Rodrigues and DoP Mark van Aller about their work or this film. Fernando: “This project truly felt like a playground for me. I was given the chance to really stretch the envelope and see how far I could go. That requires courage, not only from the director, but also from the producer, and close cooperation between the DoP and the grader is essential.” …

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In 2014, the Holland Film Meeting celebrates its 27th edition with a four-day programme including the HFM Co-Production Platform (formerly the Netherlands Production Platform). During the HFM, two juries will select the winners of The Filmmore HFM Work-in-Progress Prize and the HFM Co-Production Platform Cam-a-lot & Filmmore Cinema Emerging Talent Prize for Best Project. The Awards Ceremony will take place on 27th of September. We spoke to Bero Beyer, producer at Augustus Films, who received the Filmmore Work-in-Progress Prize in 2013 for the film Atlantic., which just had its world première at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2014. …

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On Tuesday, 30 September, the Netherlands Film Festival is organising the first ever Dutch Visual Effects Day. Finally, a chance to take a good look at what’s been created this year, to meet other visual effects-minded people and get up to speed on the state of visual effects in the Netherlands. And to learn more about the process of using effects and how these can be applied in your own film production. To top it all off, the special guest will be animation supervisor and Academy Award winner Erik Jan de Boer (Life of Pi). In addition, the VNAP VFX awards for Best Visual Effects in Dutch films will be awarded for the second time. …

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An unexpected journey

World famous film editor Walter Murch, was in the midst of editing a film when I had the fabulous opportunity to join him on the Skywalker Ranch. So for me the first week of February 2014 turned out to be an unforgettable week, a dream come true.

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Visual Effects


Chez Nous, a Mission Impossible?

Chez Nous is a story about friendship focussing on a group of friends who resort to a Mission Impossible-style diamond heist to save their favourite café from bankruptcy. This heist is set against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s famous canal parade. Of course, some pretty impossible stuff has to happen to make all of this possible – and this is where the VFX come in.

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Do you like it RAW?!

Remember shooting your feature on film stock? For most of us it’s a long time ago and some of us even forgot how 35 mm negative looks like. The digital age has taken over, cinema’s are projecting computer files and all we worry about are the hard drives that carry our precious content. Strange how things have changed in so little time.

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