Cash-rebate | TAX-shelter

At Filmmore, we’re streetwise when it comes to financing. Our people have all produced a vast amount of films. Both in Holland and Belgium we work with incentives for the film industry. In Holland we have cash rebate: 30% of all eligible costs for a feature film production will be returned to the producer. In Belgium investors can participate in a feature film by using a tax deduction. A number of companies organize these so called tax shelters. It can cover about 35% of your costs in Belgium.

Both incentives have their own rules and regulations but it’s not different from most other incentives around the world. In both cases you will need a local producer. In Holland we can connect you with several Dutch producers. In Belgium we can even provide you with a tax shelter through a Belgian producer.

Sometimes we also invest in feature films ourselves. In order to do that, we need to be involved early in the process, as, for legal reasons, we need to be included in the financing of the film as well in a recoupment scheme. We can tip the balance for required expenses and hard money. The last 5 years we participated in almost 10 (international) movies.





VFX Supervision

Whenever there are visual effects in a production, it is crucial that an experienced Filmmore visual effects supervisor is present on set. Our on-set supervisors will be there to help the director realize his or her creative vision in order to produce stunning shots and avoid mistakes that could complicate the production. The supervisor will break down every shot and create a strategy to create a shot within the budget.

Filmmore supervisors are experienced and have gone through every step of the visual effects process. They bring in a vast amount of experience and can offer a unique perspective.

Inhouse production

In a postproduction route that’s getting more complex each year, you can trust our in-house production team to be your beacon in any challenging situation. Any difficulty you encounter, we’ve encountered before. Our in-house producers will guide you during the whole process, whether it’s short-term production or a production that runs for a year. They will be your dedicated contact. But actually we believe it’s not about solving problems; it’s about preventing them. This mindset will save all of us (and especially the client) time and thus money.


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