Concept & Visual Development

We believe getting involved in a project as soon as possible is crucial for creating great visual effects or title sequences. That way we can advise and inspire you to get the best result. Sometimes an in-camera solution will work better than a green screen shot, but at other times it’s better to go for a full-on Visual Effects shot. It all depends on what the story demands. Often a good brainstorm session does the trick, but in some cases this isn’t sufficient. If so we can help you with the creation of a concept, the making of concept art, storyboards and animatics.

From concepts for Leaders, typography for title sequence, to creating spectacular Visual Effects sequences. It all starts with a good chat, so drop by anytime.



VFX Supervision


Filmmore offers the technique of previsualization (or animatic) that allow filmmakers to visually express their ideas into a moving context. Filmmakers have the ability to put together entire action sequences into an animated perspective. It uses 3D animations in a three-dimensional environment that offers no boundaries and endless possibilities for filmmakers to explore their creative vision. It helps directors to design their shots and place it into a sequence before filming. It can act as a living sketchbook and sets a step further then the usual storyboarding. This allows filmmakers to clearly present their ideas to the cast and crew and plan their shoot in advance. Previsualizations provide cost effective options that assists in decisions to lower the costs of the production of designed shots.




Set Survey

Filmmore offers on-set LIDAR & photogrammetry survey options for environments, objects and actors.

Capturing the filmset in highres high-dynamic-range images (HDR) and precise laser scans gives you the ability to completely recreate the set and its actors in post-production.

Photoscans can be used to create photorealistic digital-doubles of your talent or extras for mass crowd scenes, or the action packed shots that are not even possible with stuntmen.

Survey solutions can be done for almost any size production.
We can deliver cleaned-up, ready to use textured 3D models, or pointcoulds in a large variety of file formats.

FX Simulations

Overwhelming snowstorms, endless amount of rain and exploding hilltop villa’s – our FX department have forged all sorts of effects that were impossible to create on set. Filmmore delivered countless amounts of snow, rain, wind, water, smoke, fire, explosions, flying debris and other imaginable effects. Our team of experienced Houdini artists provides unlimited depth in our simulations and visually explores the imagination of filmmakers around the globe. We make the impossible possible.



Matte Painting

In earlier days, Matt Paintings were hand painted on glass plates. Nowadays the artists work digitally. Here at Filmmore, matte painting is cherished for the satisfaction and creativity these kinds of shots give. They can really add finesse to a story, from set extensions to texture details. Our artists use Photoshop and Mari and integration is done in Nuke by our compositing artists.

CG Assets

Computer Graphics can make the impossible possible. Some Computer Graphics only work when no one notices them, others are created to overwhelm the viewer. The core of any good CG shot is the knowledge of cinematography, light and actual physics. At Filmmore we have years of experience in making realistic CG shots. From explosions in ‘Het Bombardement’, the integration of photorealistic objects as airplanes and trains in movies like Oorlogswinter and De Surprise to manipulating and animation of Meester Kikker.




3D Animation

Filmmore provided the animation of several key scenes in feature films.


We have huge experience with a wide range of compositing tasks, from retiming shots, stabilising and tracking camera movements to rotoscoping, keying blue and green-screen shots and integrating cg elements in 2d footage.

With our own unique pipeline our Compositors can work in close cooperation with our Grading team. That way we can exchange and integrate shots in a flexible and creative manner. The result will be projected, in context, on a big screen – grading included.
We try to involve the client as much as possible in the creative part of the compositing process, partly by means of review sessions and work in progress updates.



Digital Make Up

Digital Make-Up is more and more common for series and films alike. Sometimes it’s that extra addition to live-action make up that can sell a shot. Recent examples of this include making actors look younger in Tonio or replacing eye colour in Brimstone. Whether it is a cosmetic enhancement or ageing effect to add to the story, at Filmmore we can offer you any form of Digital Make-Up, discretely and professionally.

Title Design

At Filmmore we can offer a complete package for title design. Too often the titles are the neglected part of the project, we believe they deserve more credit, love and attention. They can help you create an atmosphere or style or even add a layer to the story. Sometimes adding the right typography to a project is enough. But we van also go all out and help you with concepts, direction and design of Main title sequences (leaders) or create tailor made typography. To get an idea of what Title Design van do, check out our most recent title design.



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